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Connecting Communities Across the Continent Through Birds – Uruguay

2012 July 31
by Marta del Campo

Young participants in Paysandu, Uruguay

If we could fly to the extreme south of the North American continent, just as many migratory birds do, flying  past the Caribbean Sea and Central America, we would reach other countries in South America, where we have wonderful collaborators helping birds and conserving their habitats.

In the city of Paysandú in Uruguay, a small but fascinating country, a group of children with an interest in birds and nature has established a wonderful cultural exchange friendship with children in a school in Indiana. They are able to share their experiences, thoughts, and artwork about birds.  The obvious language and cultural differences were not barriers at all and did not stop the kids from establishing a wonderful relationship. They exchanged drawings and told each other about their experiences with birds. In Uruguay, the kids also spent time outdoors breathing fresh air, bird watching, learning about bird identification, and how to  use binoculars. They appreciated the natural world around them, including birds. This cultural exchange was also a complete success because it encouraged the children from both countries to share information about migratory species, four of which reach both Uruguay and the United States. The children created beautiful art based on their experiences, and learned about the birds they share. It’s wonderful the way birds bring people together!


Young participants in Ilinois, USA

Doesn’t this inspire you to organize an activity in your community to improve your neighborhood and make a better world for the birds and your loved ones? You can do it! It does not have to be complicated or expensive. If you’d like, you can contact us to learn how we can help you with your plans. If you are thinking about a cultural exchange with a group within or outside of the United States, or even within your own city, but in a different neighborhood, contact us! We will be happy to help you set something up in your community.

Uruguayan kids learning to use binoculars and enjoying bird watching

As I’ve mentioned in this and previous blogs, there are many more of these organizations collaborating with us all over the Western Hemisphere. During the past few months, I’ve wanted to give you a small sample of their activities and recent news, to see if you get interested in participating with family, friends, and community in our fun Celebrate Urban Birds project. If you’d like to know more about our collaborating organizations and their activities, you can find information about them on our website at

Young participants sharing their art in Ilinois, USA


If you’d like to learn more about our collaborators in Uruguay, read this interesting article in Spanish, here.
If you’d like some help developing ideas about activities for your community, visit our website to learn about other collaborating organizations’ activities in their communities, here.

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