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No Bird Left Behind Recognized Entries!

2013 January 24
by Marta del Campo

Photo by Jean Kohut, CA

Explore the recognized entries for our latest challenge: No Bird Left Behind! Enjoy the creativity of so many participants and their fantastic entries!


 1. Jessica Runner, IL

2. Mike Amundson, MN

3. Karin Pelton, MO

4. Sunil Gopalan. WI

5. Carmen Jimenez, NY

6. Jen St. Louis, Canada

7. Bill Eden, CO

8. Janice Downie, NY

9. Marky Mutchler, MO

10. Cheryl Baxter, Canada

11. Susan Taylor Brown, CA

12. Joan Schmidt, WI

13. Jean Kohut, CA

14. Giselle Pemberton, NY

15. Violet Flores, TN

16. Doug Logan, MA

17. Joseph Morales, NY

18. Joel Ross, NJ

19. Catherine Diehl-Robbins, AK

20. Dan Hargraves, FL

26. Terri Coppersmith, MD

21. Mike Deniken, NJ

22. Sandie LaTrace, Canada

23. Jamie Verri, PA

24. Janie Ferguson, NY

25. Andrea Berrow, Canada

26. Shelley Jenkins, IN

27. Rosemary Vargas, NY

28. Annie Donwerth Chikamatsu, Japan

29. Cornelia Baker, CT

30. George A. Wojtowycz, NY

31. Eileen Sullivan, TX

32. Jacqueline Humphrey, NY



1. Curtiss Children, WI

2. Nancy Stringham, IN

3. Kerry Pfaltzgraff, WA

4.Henrietta Bensussen, CA



1. Patricia Latas, AZ

2. Stephanie Cleveland, NY



Robert Weaver. MO

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  1. January 31, 2013

    I have installed that same bubbler design in my bird garden one year ago after it was recommended to me by Robert Weaver. It has brought me more bird viewing pleasure than anything I have done to my garden.

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