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Get Ready to Get Funky!

2013 April 11
by Karen Purcell

Photo by Ian Taschner

Birds nest everywhere, right? But when was the last time you saw a nest? Have you taken a little time to look lately? Have you noticed any spring activity in your neighborhood?

Not all birds nest in trees or bushes. Birds can be incredibly creative and sometimes a little inconvenient in choosing their nesting sites!

The annual Funky Nests in Funky Places challenge starts May 1 and lasts for 6 weeks.

Please help the Cornell Lab learn more about where birds are nesting.
Win great prizes (Ipad, binoculars, bird aps and more!)

This challenge lets you show off your creativity! Entries may be photos, videos, artwork, poems, songs, or stories.

Photo by Jon Ridler

*Participate in the city, the suburbs, or rural locations
*Participate from ANYWHERE in the world
*All ages are welcome
*You don’t have to know ANYTHING about birds

We are not looking for professionals – the quality of the photos/videos isn’t important, we are looking for great stories/anecdotes!

Photo by Kathleen Petter

Where should you start looking?

Here are some of our most popular locations over the past few years: barbecue grills, stop lights, store signs, decorative wreaths, car tires, gardening tools, boots, sheds, mailboxes, clothes lines, potted plants, hanging flower baskets, tractors, bicycle helmets, on garden hoses, and hats.

Photo by Alan Krum

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