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Winding Down the Funkiness

2013 June 14
by Seth Inman

Abstract oil painting of owl and nest by Jane Stroup, MA.

During the past month over 800 of you have submitted an entry to the Funky Nests in Funky Places challenge. Since most submissions include more than one photo, that means we’ve received over 2,000 photos, stories, poems, art pieces, and videos! Tomorrow, June 15th, is the last day we’ll take entries for the challenge, so there’s still time for you to get out there and find a wacky nest someplace. Have you checked your gutters and drainpipes yet? Flowerpots? All the nooks and crannies in your garage? It’s not too late to locate your new avian neighbors! You can sit out on your porch and strain your ears to hear some hints of hungry chirping, choose a clump of bushes or trees to focus your attention on and maybe spy a parent flitting back and forth with food, take a walk through a park or trail in the hopes of flushing an incubating nester, or even set up a new attractive nest box for those later birds still working out their plans for the season.

Herring Gull in flowerpot by Ann Scott, MA.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this year’s Funky Nests challenge and have learned a few things about the ingenious–though sometimes a little inconvenient–ways that clever birds have come up with to fit their homes between our own larger constructions. And remember that even after tomorrow there is always next year’s Challenge, so keep searching for the crazy and often inspiring creations throughout the summer!

American Robin and nestlings by Katherine Plessner, ND.

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