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Celebrating Birds in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

2014 December 5
by Constanza Arévalo
Courtesy of Green Jay Mayan Birding Club

Courtesy of Green Jay Mayan Birding Club

How often do you take the time to notice the variety of birds roaming your backyard and neighborhoods? The reality is that not enough people take notice of the beauty of the birds that fly by our homes on a daily basis. The Green Jay Mayan Birding Club of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico has been working hard to increase awareness of the great diversity of bird species that exists in the Yucatan. While raising awareness, they also teach the community about the importance of maintaining the habitats of these birds and the significance that this has for the local and global ecology. The club focuses on promoting a culture of bird watchers of all ages and from all cultural and economic backgrounds. Thus, the Green Jay Mayan Birding Club has a social and economic impact on the peninsula community of the peninsula by promoting the appreciation and the conservation of birds, as well as ecotourism. One of the greatest achievements of the club is that it has managed to bring the diverse people of the Yucatan together in one common goal- to watch and help wild birds. The influence that Green Jay Mayan Birding has had on the birding community of the Yucatan has also been incredible for environmental education and conservation. In times when the effects of global warming and environmental degradation are becoming so evident, it is imperative to want to discover and do more for the local environment and its species, promote, and help the creation and maintenance of habitats that help birds and other living creatures.

If you wish to learn more about Green Jay Mayan Birding Club, please visit its web page or visit its Facebook page (in Spanish).

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  1. Joan Rashid permalink
    July 17, 2015

    I come to Cancun or Tres Rios near playa del Carmen about once a year in February or March but never have been able to connect with a birding group. I would live to be able to bird in the area. Can you tell me who to contact? Thank you.

    • Marta del Campo permalink*
      September 8, 2015

      Hi Rashid,

      I am sorry for the late response! Yes, we can recommend a club organized by local people who have bird walks all over the Yucantan Peninsula. They are wonderful! You can search for them: Green Jay Mayan Birding Club in Facebook, they are fantastic people, and can really help you all over the Peninsula because they are associated to another 14 bird watching clubs all over the area. Few months ago we wrote about them at our website for the excellent work they are doing for their communities birds and conservation. Check them out at

      I hope this information helps 🙂

      Best wishes,


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