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A nurturing environment & safe haven with Casa del Tunel, Tijuana

2014 December 15
by Laura Pineda-Bermudez

Courtesy of Casa del Tunel

A fantastic program was hosted by Casa del Tunel in Tijuana, Mexico in August. There was also a wonderful program with Casa del Tunel’s sister organization, WorldBeat Cultural Center happening simultaneously. This is the second year there is a bi-national  program within the two organizations with a very similar curriculum. What better way to learn about nature than by being outside? Kids of all ages spent time outdoors interacting with group leaders in fun and engaging hands-on activities.



Courtesy of Casa del Tunel

In Casa del Tunel, there was a a strong focus on introducing local and cultural traditions through fun and enriching activities. Most of the children and adults participating are from El Cañon de Los Laureles in Tijuana, a neighborhood that faces ecological and economic challenges. They are exposed to violent environments with little connection to nature. This summer camp served to open their eyes and educate the kids on the importance and beauty of the natural environment around them. The children also explored dance and yoga while also learning healthy eating habits. During the lunch breaks, the kids were able to eat food that had been grown directly from their very own class garden. Overall, this summer camp was an enriching experience for both the children participating and all members the surrounding community who were involved.



Courtesy of Casa del Tunel

Courtesy of Casa del Tunel

During the program, the children were able to help out in Tijuana’s International Peace Garden. With so little places for birds in the city local and urban birds have come to visit the garden. The locals, many of which have never been so close and connected to nature, have been immensely moved by the transformation. Also, the excitement in the community has been unreal. Local birds are not the only inhabitants to the garden! Many migratory bird and butterfly species have become frequent fliers in the area. Some Funky Nests have even been spotted within the garden!!




If you want to learn more about Casa del Tunel’s events and activities, please visit the Facebook page here.

For more pictures on Casa del Tunel’s  summer adventures, check out the photo gallery below!

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