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Celebrating Urban Birds in Syracuse, NY!

2013 March 26
by Marta del Campo

Photo by Marilu Lopez Fretts, El Punto Art Studio.


Among our 2013 mini-grant winners, The Spanish Action League Theater Youth Group has been busy in Syracuse, NY! At La LIGA, they started readings from dramatic pieces to practice lines and select parts for their play, “The Two Nightingales” (Los Dos Ruiseñores) by José Martí. They have also participated in some fun and educational activities offered as part of El Punto Art Studio workshops at La Casita Cultural Center. There, they are learning about acting, set design, makeup, photography, and of course about birds, too! What a magic combination for developing a wonderful play, inspiring their community to learn about urban birds, and studying how to help and protect the birds in their neighborhood. Marvelous!

Photo by José Miguel Hernandez H., La LIGA.

Photo by Marilu Lopez Fretts, El Punto Art Studio.













Photo by José Miguel Hernandez H., La LIGA.

Photo by Marilu Lopez Fretts, El Punto Art Studio.


Attracting Birds to Brighten your Winter

2013 February 13
by Karen Purcell

Take a look at our wonderful video on how to attract birds! This is a great time of year to brighten your world with birds! Provide food, water, and shelter.

It’s easy and fun to attract birds! To learn more about attracting birds to your corner of the world visit the Celebrate Urban Birds website:

Attracting birds:
Urban gardening for birds:
Providing water for birds:
Providing nesting materials for birds:

Thanks to Kaytee Avian Foundation

Speaking up for the birds!

2013 January 31
by Karen Purcell

Artwork submitted by Ivan for Close Encounters Challenge.

In 2011 we received an impressive entry for our Close Encounters Challenge from a boy who was barely 8 years old, Ivan Richardson. Since then, we’ve been keeping tabs on Ivan and we have watched him grow and become a wonderful advocate for birds. He is becoming a great speaker for the birds and a wonderful promoter of the Celebrate Urban Birds project!

We asked his family to write a short account of his story:

by Tom Richardson

Four years ago, I was looking for something fun that I could do together with my five year old son. I heard about the St. George Winter Bird Festival. We signed up for one of the field trips. The field guide did such a great job helping us identify the birds we saw and pointing out interesting facts about them. My son Ivan became fascinated with this new world of birds. When he went to the library with his Mom he came home with a bag full of books on birds. He would spend hours studying them. Week after week to the library he continued to select books on birds to read. This fascination with birds was now beginning to become a passion.

As parents we wanted to encourage his interest and we looked for resources to help us. The following year he joined the Red Cliffs Audubon Society in St. George, UT as their youngest member. He would attend many of their meetings and field trips. Being surrounded by those who shared the same passion and had more knowledge and experience to share with Ivan kindled that fire even more. Last year we took an Ornithology course together at Dixie State College. He was real excited to be in the class with college students at the age of 8. I was curious at how he would respond to being in such an environment. He loved sitting in the front row answering the teachers questions. After one exam, the teacher announced that only one person had aced the entire test. Ivan had not only beaten his Dad, but the rest of the class. He was thrilled and it motivated him even more to learn more about birds and what he could do to help them.

Ivan shares CUBS poster

Ivan shares Celebrate Urban Birds poster. Photo courtesy of Tom Richardson

Last May, Ivan was invited to speak at the Great Salt Lake Bird Festival in Farmington, UT. We heard about the “Celebrate Urban Birds Project” that the Cornell Lab of Ornithology sponsored and asked for their assistance with his presentation. They sent 50 of their educational packets. The presentation went really well! I think the highlight of the weekend was when he got to meet the keynote speaker of the festival Greg Miller whom the film “The Big Year” was loosely based on his experiences with his BIG YEAR. They became friends on one of the field trips together and Greg came and attended Ivan’s presentation later that day!

Ivan gives a Celebrate Urban Birds presentation

Ivan gives a Celebrate Uban Birds presentation. Photo courtesy of Tom Richardson

Ivan decided he wanted to do his own UTAH BIG YEAR in 2012 and finished with 213 different species. This year Ivan was invited to speak at the St. George Winter Bird Festival (Ivan is 9 yrs. old now). What a delight to contribute to the festival where it all started 4 yrs. ago. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology once again provided their assistance by providing their “Celebrate Urban Birds” educational packets for him to distribute at his presentation. The presentation went really well. Ivan hopes that by sharing his love for birds, he might be a good influence on others like the field guide was with him on that first field trip and open up a whole new world that many may not realize is right around them.

Ivan giving a presentation: